I miss this show.


History of Rap

I personally think Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are two of the funniest people out there. I’ll watch anything they’re in.

Fun Fact Friday.

Unfortunately most of my fun facts will be law school facts.

Did you know that law school is really nothing like Legally Blonde? Just kidding, that’s not the fun fact. It’s a fact, but it’s hardly fun.

Fun fact: Technically, only certain courts are able to exercise power over you. This is a right you can waive, and make it to where all courts can have power over you; but as it stands, unless you’re a huge corporation that does business in every state, part of a partnership where the partners live in all 50 states, or for some weird reason you own land and do business in all 50 states, you are only subject to the power of a small number of courts. However, if you decide to file a claim somewhere, you have waived that defense. There’s more to this, but I don’t feel like writing out a full-fledged essay exam, and you sure don’t feel like reading it.

….I thought it was a fun fact.

Life in Colorado

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on here. Mainly I’ve been posting on my other blog. But I wanted to update on here about my new life in Denver and what’s been brining me joy lately!

I arrived in Denver around the second week of August. One of the first places I went with my mom (well, after a late dinner at Chili’s when we finally got here) was the Duffeyroll Cafe. They were so different from the normal breakfast sweet roll, but they are delicious! It’s located in a cute little neighborhood called South Pearl Street. One of my favorite things was that they had mini rolls of all their flavors, so if you didn’t want to commit (I’m so indecisive) you could try a couple flavors! My favorite was the toffee nut, and I enjoyed some Hazelnut coffee in a cute coffee mug along with it.


Another fun place we checked out was Wash Park, in the so cleverly named Wash Park neighborhood! It is one of the most beautiful parks and such a relaxing and fun space to go to in Denver. It has so many different paths you can bike or jog down. It’s fantastic! One of my favorite areas is the flower garden. It’s so colorful and well-kept.


There’s a cute little coffee shop called Wash Perk that I tried out once and really loved! Too bad law students, especially 1Ls, don’t get out that often.

Over Labor Day weekend my parents came to visit and help me move into my apartment, which I love. We made a visit up to Pike’s Peak. It is quite the twist-and-turn road trip.

But my favorite part of their visit was probably the night we went out for ice cream. We went to a place called Bonnie Brae ice cream close to Wash Park, but in the area where Bonnie Brae, University, and Wash Park neighborhoods meet. They make their own ice cream and that night they happened to have live entertainment outside! Three musicians playing mainly big band music and an impromptu fireworks show off in the distance. It was such a cool experience!

I’ve also gotten to check out lots of Starbucks and Whole Foods (my normal Nashville places), but mainly I hang out at my apartment or the law school and do work. I don’t really mind it though. For the most part, I still enjoy the school part of law school; it’s just everything else associated with it that’s overwhelming.

A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to hang out for the afternoon with a new laws school friend at a wine bar on Pearl Street called The Village Cork and we also met for lunch another day at Pajama Baking Co. right down the street! Both are excellent, different vibes though. The Village Cork has a very European feel and PBC is like a local bakery/sandwich shop/artisan store. Very cool!


I’m coming to the end of a very busy two weeks. I’ve had a memo (which is worse than it sounds) and a midterm in the past week, along with tons of review sessions and classes and I just finished my Criminal law midterm tonight! All I have is mock trial and a Torts midterm this weekend and I’m done with all that mess for awhile. So tonight I went out with some girls in my section, all so sweet, to a Mexican restaurant called Machete. It’s in the Cherry Creek area and is SO good!! Just know that it is kind of underground, so look for the Christmas lights around it.

There are still quite a few things I want to check out; like the Cherry Creek Farmers Markets on Saturdays and many more coffeeshops and local restaurants.

Just wanted to give an update and say that I am absolutely loving it here in Denver! It’s always good to stay thankful! And I have so much to be thankful for!